Safe and reliable water

Is potable reuse water safe and reliable?

Every community’s future depends on access to clean, reliable and adequate supplies of water.

The World Health Organisation estimates that one fifth of the world’s population inhabit regions where water is physically scarce and one in three people lack access to a potable water supply to meet their daily needs.

Wherever you are in the world, for potable recycled water to be an acceptable alternative supply option the community must have confidence in regulation, water quality standards and assessment procedures. This research examined the historical safety of potable recycled water schemes and the quality of the water produced.


Potable Reuse: Practices, Water Quality & Public Health

A critical evaluation of the practice of potable reuse, with a focus on public health aspects and its safety.

Water quality and public health

An examination of public health issues including risks and prevention, regulation and health assessment practices.

Bioanalytical tools in recycled water quality assessment

An overview of the historical context, application, and communication of bioanalytical tools for recycled water quality assessment in Australia, including answers to frequently asked questions.